Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Guilty in December

A friend of mine has a condo in México and told me (just before Christmas) that she was lonely. Would I please come visit her for a few days or so? I had a difficult decision to make as the wind was rattling the shutters on my house, and the ominous looking clouds opened up to let fierce rain drum on my roof. Swimming in her pool in radiant sunshine surrounded by people whose language I love to speak? But I couldn't. Really. Just before Christmas. So much to do....

Before I knew it, I had clicked on the button that would reserve me a seat on the plane that would get me to sun and water that I had been dreaming of. I was flooded with guilt. How could I leave everyone at home in dreary, cold Oregon?
Just before the holidays?

I swam at least twice a day in my friend's pool and several times in the gently warm ocean. We even snorkeled in December!

I couldn't bear the thought that my friend was lonely. Feeling tremendously guilty about leaving my family, I spent seven glorious days with my lonely friend.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Wolfi, almost 2 years old.

How time flies when you watch Wolfi grow! I can't believe it's been so long since Wolfi showed his (now teenage) face. He is very handsome according to most people who meet him. He adores family, especially little kids, and has his definite favorites.

Here he is in his new red sweater. He detests it! When we put it on him, he will not move. Perhaps he's still standing there in the store. I'd better go see.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wolfi - 10 months old

Wolfi is sound asleep in Miezel's place. For
the first time, Miezel doesn't seem to mind.

Wolfi loves his new froggie, but totally
dislikes his new basket. He's already taken
the pad out and has dragged it far away.

When Roxy comes to visit, my house really
rocks! They run, chase, growl, snarl with
teeth bared, run, chase, growl all over again.

This is what happened after I put the pad back
into Wolfi's new basket.
Do you think he likes it? By the way, that's
'froggie' peeking out from under the pad.

It's very hard to catch Wolfi sitting still long
enough for a good photograph.

Roxy and Wolfi are best friends, and Wolfi
loves to play, run, and chase at her house, too.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Wolfi meets the goat boys.

When Wolfi arrived on the farm, his leash was
taken off for the first time. He doesn't quite
know what to do with his freedom and proceeds
to goof off. So it's time for a good talking to.

Roxy, the older, wiser one, takes on a serious
tone. At first, Wolfi is quite disrespectful and
not at all interested in Roxy's wise instructions.

Finally, Wolfi agrees to change his ways.
Seriously, he now has great respect for Roxy.

Wolfi pretends not to notice Pete and Reggie.

But then he chases Reggie nipping at his heels.
Wolfi is very surprised when Reggie turns
and butts him in the side. His feelings are very
hurt, and he seeks refuge on farmgirl's lap.
Pete feels sorry for Wolfi and wants to inspect
the 'damage'.

Later, Wolfi ran around with Roxy and the
goat boys for quite a while. On the way home
he fell asleep instantly. I even heard him snore
as he was dreaming about his first farm

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wolfi's world expands

Leash training is very important. This is Wolfi's
idea of going for a walk.

Ok, I'll try harder next time. Can I come out
Oh yeah! That's the life! Wolfi has to experience
everything with his whole body.
Go back into my crate?
I don't think so!

Wolfi and Miezel play all the time together.
Miezel, who is 13, tries hard to teach the
feisty little guy some manners.

Every day is a joy to watch this puppy grow
and learn. Even though he is not exceptionally
interested in food, he seems to be growing much
too fast. Having more than doubled his weight,
his legs and body are getting longer and stronger.
And he is sporting a wild and unruly hairdo with
eyebrows that often hide his beautiful black eyes.

He loves to be with us, no doubt! He greets us with
wild enthusiasm even if we were gone for just a few
minutes. Now isn't there a lesson here for us

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wolfi has doubled his size, oh my!

Roxy the Critter Farm pup is totally annoyed by the little whipper snapper. She can't believe how he has grown since she last saw him. She had secretly wished that he'd go away, go back where he came from or simply vanish from the face of her earth. Poor Roxy!

When we brought Wolfi home July 17, he weighed 3 lbs. 9 oz. The vet gasped last week when she put him on the baby scale: 7 lbs. 8 oz! He has practically doubled himself since he moved in with us. Is this something we should be worried about? Mini Wolfi turning into GIANT Wolfi right before our eyes? I don't think so. He is not a ravenous eater and often ignores the food put in front of him. What he really fills up on is love. From the time he first tumbles out of his crate in the morning (after sleeping 10 or so hours!), he wants to be held, kissed, hugged, petted and played with. Or is it the other way around? From the moment Bill and I stumble out of bed, open the crate and Wolfi falls out, we are the ones who want to hold, kiss, hug, pet and play. And it doesn't feel silly at all. In fact, it's a marvelous way to start our day!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

So what ever happened to that little blanket?

Then I had to teach my daughter how to knit.

While flying to Europe.

Then my sister needed a refresher course in sock knitting. (Notice MY finished socks serving as examples).

Forgot to mention how hard these socks were for me. My first pair ever!

But despite these distractions, the 'no pattern followed' blanket is complete.