Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Graceful aging, anyone?

Getting old gracefully is a full time job!  Every morning when I open my eyes I devise a new plan for the day ahead.  How will I age gracefully today? 
Well, this morning I decided to call everybody together for a meeting.  I asked my body to summon all the parts necessary to move, suggested to my inner organs they participate, and  had a stern yet gentle discussion with my brain.  There was a bit of a delay when I called willingness to join us.  But finally all participants were ready to hear my plan for the day.  I assured everyone that these were suggestions only and that no one was under any obligation to perform.  So here are the points I stressed:
1.  Let's all cooperate in doing the best we can when getting out of bed slowly.
2.  No whining, groaning and moaning, or complaining.
3.  Cheerful and light-hearted completion of morning ritual.
4.  There should not be any hurt feelings when we aren't showered with compliments when other members of the household first lay eyes on us.
5.   When leaving the house we are wearing something chic and colorful. 
6.  In the event that during the course of the day we feel overlooked or not noticed, we will intuitively know that it is not our fault and remain confident and sure of ourselves.....
And here I was interrupted by uproarious laughter.  Not one member of my body thought this plan was remotely feasible.  They stopped laughing, however, when they saw my disappointed face.  Finally everyone reluctantly agreed to give it a try.
So here I am now at 9:30 p.m.  My body is complaining, my inner organs are slumping, and my brain is looking all over the place for willingness.  Was our mission accomplished?  Yes! We did phenomenally well with point #1.  It was delightful to see effort and cooperation.  We skip ahead to #4.  No hurt feelings were observed because no one else was home and thus could not shower us with compliments. 
 And as to points 2, 3, 5 and 6 -- there is always tomorrow when the quest for graceful aging continues.  


Sunday, February 15, 2009

First blog entry ever - a scary thing to do

Ok, so this is my very first entry, and I'm actually kind of nervous.  I'm about to tell you who I am, what my interests and passions are, and why I started a blog.  I'd like to connect with other people in all areas of life and perhaps those who have also entered the second half of life.  What keeps them enthusiastic about life in general and passionate about the specific?  
I am a very optimistic, hands-on kind of person who approaches most tasks spontaneously and enthusiastically.  But there is a limit to that and when problems arise, I tend to go inward to listen for new options.
I am in the process of writing a memoir of my childhood as a refugee from the former East Germany, a journey back into the often dark and frightening past.  And it is also a journey of discovery of what events shaped me and how much of this past is still with me every day.
I think I'll stop now.  It is a scary thing to write to an unknown reader.