Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wolfi - 10 months old

Wolfi is sound asleep in Miezel's place. For
the first time, Miezel doesn't seem to mind.

Wolfi loves his new froggie, but totally
dislikes his new basket. He's already taken
the pad out and has dragged it far away.

When Roxy comes to visit, my house really
rocks! They run, chase, growl, snarl with
teeth bared, run, chase, growl all over again.

This is what happened after I put the pad back
into Wolfi's new basket.
Do you think he likes it? By the way, that's
'froggie' peeking out from under the pad.

It's very hard to catch Wolfi sitting still long
enough for a good photograph.

Roxy and Wolfi are best friends, and Wolfi
loves to play, run, and chase at her house, too.