Friday, October 9, 2009

Wolfi meets the goat boys.

When Wolfi arrived on the farm, his leash was
taken off for the first time. He doesn't quite
know what to do with his freedom and proceeds
to goof off. So it's time for a good talking to.

Roxy, the older, wiser one, takes on a serious
tone. At first, Wolfi is quite disrespectful and
not at all interested in Roxy's wise instructions.

Finally, Wolfi agrees to change his ways.
Seriously, he now has great respect for Roxy.

Wolfi pretends not to notice Pete and Reggie.

But then he chases Reggie nipping at his heels.
Wolfi is very surprised when Reggie turns
and butts him in the side. His feelings are very
hurt, and he seeks refuge on farmgirl's lap.
Pete feels sorry for Wolfi and wants to inspect
the 'damage'.

Later, Wolfi ran around with Roxy and the
goat boys for quite a while. On the way home
he fell asleep instantly. I even heard him snore
as he was dreaming about his first farm