Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wolfi's world expands

Leash training is very important. This is Wolfi's
idea of going for a walk.

Ok, I'll try harder next time. Can I come out
Oh yeah! That's the life! Wolfi has to experience
everything with his whole body.
Go back into my crate?
I don't think so!

Wolfi and Miezel play all the time together.
Miezel, who is 13, tries hard to teach the
feisty little guy some manners.

Every day is a joy to watch this puppy grow
and learn. Even though he is not exceptionally
interested in food, he seems to be growing much
too fast. Having more than doubled his weight,
his legs and body are getting longer and stronger.
And he is sporting a wild and unruly hairdo with
eyebrows that often hide his beautiful black eyes.

He loves to be with us, no doubt! He greets us with
wild enthusiasm even if we were gone for just a few
minutes. Now isn't there a lesson here for us