Monday, June 8, 2009

Revolution in my knitting world

As a child in Germany, I was taught in school to knit, crochet, embroider, hand-sew and, I'm sure,much more. However, I never laid eyes on any pattern, I never learned to decipher any, so I have been on a warpath with all of them. American patterns, German patterns, French, Spanish, Russian, it's a major international conspiracy! Although I have been able to figure out a simple project with a hands-on technique, as you can see above, (Knitting for Super Dummies), and a slightly more difficult one, (the beginning was entirely unnatural and counter intuitive), I decided yesterday I was not going to be confined by instructions of any kind. And I don't care which language tries to seduce me into a pattern I simply cannot wrap my yarn around. ( Pun intended.)

So I decided to revolutionize my limited knitting world by designing my own pattern for an afghan. Using an idea and very cheap yarn, I cast on 140 stitches.

I knitted the first row, then proceeded with 2k, 2p the first two rows. I then reversed the order to 2p, 2k for the next two rows. As my excitement grew and my heart beat faster, I closed my eyes and gave my hands free reign....

And, a little later, I found this in my lap :

But in my meditative knitting state I must have also created this:

Oh my gosh, it looks like a.....PATTERN! Well, I certainly won't be able to read it.